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The Rattlesnake Ranch

Las Vegas

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July 2017


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Mar. 18th, 2016


The Rattlesnake Ranch is a men's only strip club and brothel located just outside the city in the desert hills that surround Las Vegas, Nevada. It opened in 2010, and has been fulfilling the fantasies of clients ever since. This summer, The Rattlesnake Ranch offered a new service, a social networking site that allows more access to The Snakes than ever before.

Mar. 17th, 2016

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All comments are screened, so ask any questions or make any requests that you need to. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Mar. 18th, 2015


+ Don't be an asshole. Most problems in life can be fixed with this rule.

+ The IC/OOC line is amazing. Know where it is.

+ Strikethroughs and private things are basic, respect them.

+ Customs are hot but don't count toward activity.

+ While we appreciate realism, we will not be referencing the October 1st shooting in Las Vegas in this game. We believe it would be in poor taste to use that very real and very current pain to prompt roleplay.

+ Activity is a mostly complete thread, a narrative, or a journal entry/discussion point post every two weeks. You get a warning via comment on your ooc after the first miss, and a chance to let us know what's going on. You'll also be given the date up upcoming removals. If you need a hiatus, let us know. After that, check in with us once a week or so, or you will likely go back into the removals notice process. The granting of extended hiatuses will be based on prior visible activity.

+ Don't take more characters than you can handle and don't let your characters be all the same type of person.

+ No kinkshaming, but put warnings on everything for triggers.

+ The mods won't find your lines for you, you're going to have to advertise and do that for yourself. We will do fun things for you, and we'll try to keep everyone talking.

+ [info]snakeranch is the IC community for intros, random IC discussion posts you don't want to put in your journals, threads, and narratives. Yes, it's fine to do a thread in your custom and then open it up and false link it.

+ [info]snakeranchooc is our members only OOC community.

+ [info]snakelines is our open lines community for anyone in and/or interested in the game to plot out lines. There is also a wanted post, and we strongly encourage advertising in places like [info]ratedx or [info]slashsls.


Holds are three days with a possible one time extension. No challenges.

We suggest using [info]snakelines to get lines, as well as advertising in places like [info]slashsls and [info]ratedx.

Characters can be any type that might be employed at or visit a brothel/strip club. Sex workers and/or strippers (The Snakes), bartenders, servers, security guards, and clients. In addition, there are the following management positions: Snakes manager (in charge of the boys), Staff manager (manages all other personnel and the bar), office manager (ordering, booking, paychecks, etc.), Security manager (security), and IT manager (keeps the computers running, does background checks on the employees).

Character Types Most Needed: Head of Security, actively booking clients, anything on our wanted lines post.

Currently Held
Laith Ashley - 5/23 - bartender

KJ Apa - Stripper

Adds will happen at least twice per week.
Next adds 5/23

Wanted Lines